vrijdag 4 maart 2011

Mac to TV

Hello. Today I've got another review for you.
This time is is a Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Converter
It sounds complicated, but it is just a cable which allows you to connect a HDMI-cabel from your Mac to your television. 

And it is al plug and play. Not as Windows where they are all like 'Ooh, you've connected a tv to the computer, do you want to duplicate the screen?' Nothing like that at all. Just connect, and enjoy your huge screen in Full HD!

There is only one thing to worry about, and that is if you need a Mini DVI or a Mini DP
No worries. Just look it up in your manual, and you'll be fine. 

Also made a quick video about the connecter. Go check it out!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Inderdaad, mijn lieve brother haha :) hey wanneer plaats je weer is iets nieuws!

  2. Wanneer komt er een artikel over je prachtige huis (met open garage) ?

    ben wel benieuwd naar het resultaat!