dinsdag 22 februari 2011

Mtn Dew

Well hello again!

At this very moment right now, there are 47 cans of Mountain Dew in my fridge.
Why do you ask? Because I ordered them.

End of the story.

Nah, jk. Last Saturday I ordered 4 trays of Mountain Dew. But why would someone order so much soft drinks? Because it was a very special offer on the AmericanFood4U German site.
Normally one would pay 23 euros for 24 cans, and now the deal was 9,90 euros for 24 cans.

So that was an easy decision. Unfortunately they are out of stock already. So I am pretty happy I've got them. They have all kinds of American food - especially drinks -, and ships to the whole EU.

And my order arrived today. The package was an astonishing 20,3 kilos!

It contained 4 trays of Regular Mountain Dew, and one Pepsi Cherry can.

Just one Pepsi because I collect special cans. More about that later.

See ya!

1 opmerking:

  1. Haha, echt grappig dat je er nou zoveel hebt :P
    en wat leuk dat je van die speciale blikjes spaart! :O ben benieuwd