zaterdag 26 februari 2011


Yes. It is really chaotic, but it is also really AWESOME! You simply cannot miss the action that is packed in this shooter. Turn around a corner, action! Open a gate, action! Switch weapon, action!

I am talking about Bulletstorm here. The new game from EPIC Games and People Can Fly.
The game itself isn't real, not real like Gran Turismo real. It kinda looks like Borderlands, with fancy graphics. And that makes it so great. 

When you are intensively playing this game, you don't really notice the beauty. You only see the action and movie scenes in the game. But when you take a closer look, you can see amazing details. For example, a fight on a mountain hill. Not so impressive, but when you have a look at the scenery.. landscape and buildings as far as the eye can see. And the bonus here is, when you progress further in the game, you will actually be playing at the scenery you was looking at before. 

So, the graphics and scenery are great. 
Now the next thing in this game; The actual shooting itself. 
In the beginning you'll see an introduction movie. You will learn how to walk, how to shoot, ect. After like 3 chapters you will pick a new device up. Your character places it on his left glove and suddenly, he feels the power inside him! 

This is somewhat an electric grappling hook, which you can activate with L2. 
You can move certain objects, but you can also, yes, use it on enemies. 
They will be thrown towards you and when they are close they will be slowly floating in mid-air. Just so you can punish them. This is not the only way to get rid of them. You can also just kick them, or tackle them, and deal with them. 

Kicking is something you will be doing throughout the whole game, this is because there are enemies who will be running towards you like crazy men, and beat you with their sharp objects. 

Of course, this wouldn't be fun to do for 20 hours. So they invented a XP gaining system. For every kill you'll get 10XP points. And for XP points you can buy ammo, upgrade your weapons, stuff like that. 

Earning XP fast with just 10XP per kill isn't enough. This is why we've got the Skillshot- kills. For every special kill - headshot, tripping, voodoo kill - you'll get extra XP points. The harder the skillshot, the more XP you'll get. 

For example. Every once in a while you will face a shitload of enemies camping behind concrete borders. And no matter where you look. There WILL be a barrel. And very explosive barrel. Just shoot this barrel, it explodes and causes a chain reaction. Everyone is dead and you'll get a hell of a multiplier. 

This is a great way to reward the players who are willing to do more to get rid of the enemies. 

The next extra in this game is just fun. When you find a bottle. You can; kick it, or better DRINK it! 
You'll be drunk and the bad guys will be trippled if you just had three beer! Awesome!

There are just too many things to talk about in this game.
My suggestion is; Buy Bulletstorm, and enjoy the freaking game!

And a link to all the skillshots right here!


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  1. Wel een mooi landschap op de achtergrond, en klinkt spannend :P